This year prizes are earned at the class level. Prizes are determined by the total donation amount received per class by midnight February 26, 2023.  Classes will receive the prize at the level they attain plus all prizes at the lower levels. 

Total Donation Amount Class Prize
 $1,100  Expedition Fun Friday with inflatables and popcorn on February 24, 2022 
 $1,600 Slime Day with popsicles Friday March 3, 2023
 $2,200  Game Truck Party with Soda Bar March 8-9, 2023



Greenfield Elementary PTSO is a 501(c)3 Charity and your donations are tax deductible. Prizes provided below $100 are considered to have insubstantial value and under Internal Revenue Service guidelines the estimated value of the benefits received is not substantial; therefore the full amount of your payment is a deductible contribution. Prize items received for donations above $100 have a small Fair Market Value (FMV) that may reduce the declared value of your Donation.