Are my donations Tax Deductible?

Yes, Greenfield Elementary PTSO is a 501(c)(3) public charity and your donations are 100% deductible. Link to our IRS public charity determination letter.

Can I make my donation directly to the school for a Tax Credit?

Since Tax Credit donations are allocated back to the school through the State and not Greenfield Elementary PTSO we have no authority or control of those funds. The Fun Run donations are managed directly by the PTSO which is controlled by you the parents. Tax Credit donations will not be counted as donations made to the PTSO and don't count towards donation prize awards.

What is my child's donation total?

Donation totals can be found on the Donations Report page. The report lists donation totals per Fun Run SKU Number which can be found on your child's donation page.

Are Prizes cumulative?

Yes, your child will receive a prize at the highest level of his total donations and a prize for each level below.

When will my child receive their prizes?

We are planning to deliver prizes the week we return from spring break. 

How much do I need to donate to receive a Fun Run shirt?

In spirit of the Fun Run t-shirts are free for all students.

How do I get a record of my donations for tax purposes?

A Donation receipt for cash/check donations is provided with the donation envelope and additional forms will be available at the Office. Your emailed receipt will be your donation record for donations made online. Please contact us at if you need any additional records.

What is the latest I can donate?

Friday March 6th for Cash/Check and Midnight Sunday March 8th for online donations. Donations received after that time will not be counted towards winning Grand Prize award and Lunch with Mrs Longnion.

I don't see my child's name listed on a donation page how do I make a donation and have it credited towards my child?

If you want to make an online donation and don't have an assigned Fun Run Number printed on the donation envelope that went home with your student please contact us so that we can add your student to the system. We will assign and email back a Fun Run Number you can use to track additional donations.  The assigned number will also be enabled on the appropriate teacher donation page.  Cash and check donations will be assigned a Fun Run Number if one has not already been assigned. 

If my child has multiple donations do they receive multiple prizes?

Student's donations collected will be totaled to achieve a total prize award level. Prizes are cumulative so the child will receive a prize at each prize level attained.

Can I make a donation by Check or Cash?

Yes, please use the donation envelope sent home with your child to make cash or check donation. Make sure the envelope has your child's Name, Teacher and Fun Run Number on it. Cash and check donation should be turned in by March 6th, the day of the Run, make checks payable to GREENFIELD ELEMENTARY PTSO. Please fill out the provided Donation Receipt and place in provided envelope, receipts will be returned with prize awards.

Who do I make checks payable to?


I can't add item to the shopping cart.

Make sure you enter a whole number in the quantity field and no decimal.  If that is not the issue try restarting your browser or using a different browser or device. If you still have an issue please email 

What happens if there is a tie for top earner for a grade level?

If there is a tie between two individuals for the Grand Prize we will honor both recipients as winners given there is space to accommodate all winners.  The PTSO reserves the right to change the Grand Prize offering with other options if there is not enough space for all winners.

My child has not received their prize award.

Some prizes could be delayed due to availability and shipping. We will make every attempt to deliver prizes as soon as possible. If you feel we have made an error in the prizes your child has received please email us at  Thank you for your patience.